About Mitch

When Mitch Jensen was a kid, he remembers watching his Dad put money in a broken down, abandoned parking lot pay box. You couldn’t read the numbers on the box or the space you were parked in. Still, his Dad valued honesty and taught the importance of it through his example. Mitch counts that experience as the most important lesson of his life, and the reason for his current motto, “Be an Oak”. That motto reminds him to be true to his principles and strive to never disappoint those who look to him as an example.

It also has helped him through many challenges, like when his third daughter died from crib death (SIDS) at 4 months old. Through that and other trying experiences, Mitch has learned this guiding principle, “Treat your closest relatives and friends with respect and your character will follow.”

Mitch is a co-founder of Siegfried & Jensen, a caring attorney, a motorcycle enthusiast and an avid fisherman. But most of all he is a devoted family man. He has been married 38 years to his sweetheart Lausanne Church (from Burley, Idaho). He has been blessed with 5 children (4 living) and 4 beautiful granddaughters, the pride of his life. He is passionate about family and loves spending time with his loved ones.

When asked what his top 3 priorities in life are, Mitch would number them:

1.  Family: “Because they are so supportive of one another in getting through life’s trials and challenges.” Mitch has tried to make a difference to his family by his efforts to be a good father. “I try to live up to what my children think of me,” he says.

2.  Church: “Because it is a needed reminder of governing principles.”

3.  The Siegfried & Jensen Family: “Because one or more of our 70+ employees or a client inspires me every day to continue this difficult work.” Mitch has tried to reward employees for their effort on behalf of wonderful clients who rely on the firm for help during such difficult times.

People who know Mitch Jensen wouldn’t guess, but he is actually a very shy person and would be happier if he weren’t a public figure. That often surprises people, as they see him on TV or listen to him on the radio. He remarks, “I look forward to the day when I can return to a more normal, less public life.”

Mitch is a busy personal injury attorney and co-founder of Siegfried & Jensen. He has practiced law for over 30 years and finds great meaning in helping those who have been injured or treated unfairly.

Still, Mitch finds time to squeeze in his favorite hobbies. Fishing with his 85-year-old Dad is one of those special pastimes. “My Dad loves to fish and passes his wisdom on to me,” Mitch has said. He loves to golf with his only son, Walker; who Mitch describes as an avid golfer and “such an honest soul”.

He also can often be found attending performances of his 3 daughters who are in the performing arts. Mitch also is an author and likes to write short stories of personal experiences that he shares with his family. Reading also takes a good deal of his free time, with his favorite genres being history and biographies of ordinary people who did great things.

Mitch also finds meaning in the donating to charities such as the Special Olympics, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Utah Food Bank and others. The recipients of these great organizations express their appreciation to Siegfried & Jensen often and have greatly benefited from his contributions.

On giving back to the community, Mitch shares, “It makes me feel that I am doing something worthwhile.” One of the groups that have been aided is the Special Olympics of Utah. Every year, Siegfried & Jensen hosts the Utah Open Golf Tournament (free for the public to watch) that brings pro and amateur golfers alike together to enjoy the sport of golf. As part of this fun annual event, Special Olympians get to co-host the week-long tournament, which raises money and awareness for them. It is a wonderful opportunity for these special needs individuals to serve alongside the employees of Siegfried & Jensen and the many other great businesses that co-sponsor the event.