Mitch is glad to support the Utah Food Bank, who works hard to help families get temporary assistance. The goal to fight hunger is something he feels is important and worthwhile. Many Utah seniors and kids don’t get enough meals, and the Food Bank works hard to make that change. You can help stop hunger by donating food or money.

An exciting annual tradition that Mitch helps fund is the Utah Human Race. Utahans come together every November, around Thanksgiving, to run in 5K and 10K races. All the proceeds of these races go to the Utah Food Bank.

Another event that Mitch is happy to support is the Utah Boy Scouts Food Drive, “Scouting for Food”. Every March, Boy Scouts go door-to-door asking for donations to help stop hunger in Utah. This event marks the largest food drive of the year, as generous people give bags of food to help the hungry. Find out more:

Mitch also supports the Special Olympics of Utah. Every year, Special Olympians are given an opportunity to serve alongside Siegfried & Jensen employees and co-host the annual Utah Open Golf Tournament. Through this effort, money and awareness are raised every year for the Special Olympics. These special-needs adults are involved during the entire week of the tournament, which is open for the public to watch every summer. For 10 years, Siegfried & Jensen has sponsored this golf tournament for amateur and pro golfers alike. Mitch loves to golf and is excited to be part of this annual event. All the proceeds from the Utah Open Golf Tournament go to the Special Olympics of Utah. Through this inspired organization, Utahns with challenges or special needs get opportunities to learn and grow their talents. You can volunteer to donate your time in coaching, as a volunteer, or help someone with special needs to get a chance to be an athlete.

Mitch also donates to the Utah Drug Prevention Campaign. Every year, thousands of kids in Utah are exposed to illegal drugs and pushed into trying them. A life of drug addiction is the result for many of these children who were pressured into drugs. 75% of crimes in Utah can be traced back to illegal drugs. By educating children about the dangers of drugs, reducing drug exposure and helping schools run no-drug initiatives, many kids are being protected from drug addiction. As a result of this campaign, drug-related crimes are being lowered. Mitch has joined many TV cable & network stations in Utah to get the word out about drug prevention. McGruff Crime Dog and D.A.R.E. are two of the programs created to help kids avoid illegal drugs.

Mitch also is happy to donate to the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The Institute is looking for ways to prevent cancer and give hope to families and individuals who are affected by this frightening disease. Their scientists work tirelessly to understand cancer and create safer treatments.