Mitch’s Work Life

How did Mitch Jensen choose to become a lawyer?  The story is quite simple.

A man he greatly respected, his mission president Wayne Owens suggested it. Mitch had graduated from Ogden’s Weber High in ‘73 and left on a mission for his church without a perfect plan for the rest of his life, but everything fell into place for a future law degree.

He went to Brigham Young University with a BYU Football Scholarship from 1973-1978 and got his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Then Mitch lived in California for another 3 years with his wife while he pursued his Doctor of Law (JD) at Pepperdine University.

Mitch recalls, “I was one of the few married students in my law school, and made great friends from very different backgrounds who married. Now we get together every year and share (and learn from) our child-raising experiences.”

After Mitch graduated from Pepperdine, he got into a shared office arrangement with Ned Siegfried, his current partner, and semi-retired gentleman, Roy Barton. Roy practiced personal injury law and Mitch & Ned learned, through watching Roy, how rewarding it is to help people who have been injured, and make lifelong friendships through the practice.

Early in his career, Mitch hit a “turning point”, when he realized that he really was supposed to be an injury attorney. He remembers, “Early in my law career, I represented small businesses and people trying to get an insurance company just to treat them fairly. At the conclusion of the case, my clients were so appreciative. They would bring me cookies or brownies or write a heartfelt note of thanks. That made me so proud to have been helpful to them to the point of them expressing appreciation.”

Knowing he was making a difference made all the difference to Mitch. Now, 30 years later, he has defended the rights of those who have been injured in accidents and who are getting denied or pushed around by their insurance companies. “These clients are some of the most heroic and inspirational people I’ve known and they motivate me every day to do this work.”